How To Rank Your Local Business Using Google Drive

How To Rank Your Local Business Using Google Drive – Bing handle 900 million Searches every day and accounts for about 7.5% of the parts of a search engine.

Because there are more than 6.5 billion worldwide search on the search engine, according to data found in each day, Bing’s no slouch.

This article is not about Bing. This article is about how to rank on the king’s current search engine, Google.

Google control 10 times the parts of the search engine Bing use with 77.5% of. If You do the math, that is a staggering 4.5 billion of them 6.5 billion searches in the whole world. Simply put, King Kong got nothing on Google.

Although it is important as a small business can be found by the major search engines, it is also important to get the largest explosions for Your money. Not only this means seen throughout the Google search but, to get as much free organic traffic that you can.

So, how can you do this?

You can do this by Using Google G Suite along with Google Drive

How To Rank Your Local Business Using Google Drive
How To Rank Your Local Business Using Google Drive

G Suite offers a remarkable ability for your business starting at $5 per user/month. Use G Suite for Your business allows You to create and manage users on Your account. This not only gives the team access to the mail and calendar but, other Google apps, too.

G Suite also gives You the ability to manage the mobile devices of Your business so that You can keep Your data safe, the device locate, require passwords, and erase data. All in the space of G.

Google Drive is a cloud storage options. They start You with 30, but You can upgrade that for the unlimited storage for only $10 per month with G Suite. Without G Suite, You will pay $10 per month for 1 TB of storage.

If You are not familiar with using G Suite for your business, you will want to check it out. Especially because I’m going to talk about Using Google Drive and G Suite to rank Your local business.

Google is the fairest of them all

Google suffered from what I call netpotisme. They love themselves and treasures as well as apps and thus, will choose them over other results. It is not surprising if your business by using video that you enter into YouTube. If You have a brick and mortar business, you want to have the Google map. The map YouTube and Google is Google entities

It has been said that since Google loves everything Google, they may give an unfair advantage to the people who took the time to use the properties and their applications.

Yet again, Google was accused of giving their own products preference in the search results that lead to changes in the practice of their business.

Google vs. Bing: a test

When I started thinking about this test, I wanted to see if Microsoft will do something like this with it’s properties and applications.

I’m going to use one of the sites my test and start by creating 3 separate post. All posts will be made using Lorem Ipsum-style word Latin usually applies as a stuffing on the site and the Document until You add Your own text – for the title, the content, anchor text and files they open.

First, I started by making three separate post. Post #1 will have a title, 1300 words but will link out to the word doc in The Drive of my account.

In the generator L of Lorem Ipsum select’ Don’t start with Lorem Ipsum ‘ and make a post said 1300 with 5 paragraphs. I choose the regular text but You can choose HTML if You want to or need to.

After the Generator Lorem Ispum make my messages, I only copy and paste into my site as a new post. Then I headed to Bomb soy to make my title.

I choose’ sparmy sted ‘ to test me. If You do not like Your choice in the first list, only continue to produce a new list until You find the word crap that is right for you. It really doesn’t matter but, I choose words that do not appear too close to the actual words.

Now that all the writing for the post is done, it’s time to make a word doc. I just copy and paste 1300 words into doc new word. I added the word ‘ Sparmy Toothed to the top of the word doc and the rest is exactly the same with the post on the site share the same name.

I save the word doc to my hard drive and give it the same title as the article, ‘St fairy tale’.

I upload a word doc to one of the Drives of my account and make sure it is ready for sharing. I create a link so that I can add to my article. Because the title of the post and the word doc is not present in the contents of Lorem Ipsum, I add it.

I’m using the ‘Sparmy sted’ as the title of the post, said the doc title, and anchor text. I added the link I received from one Drive ke’Sparsted’. The only step optimization that I picked is to add ‘Sparsted’ at the top of the page in the first 100 words.

I will not be adding the photo or the tag because I was trying to test 1 variable – If Google and Bing is like the property and their own app. Also, because the post was made using Lorem Ipsum is, we don’t have to run to the competition to try to achieve the words of the same crap.

At this point I can publish my post. This does not mean it Will index. In fact, I’m sure it’s not going to happen unless I tell Google and Bing. For this test, I will wait until I Finish all three posts before I tell the search engine.

The next step is the same as the first. I will make another post using Lorem Ipsum but, this time I will create a Google doc for the link. Because I test one variable, the link to Google or Bing, I want it all the same.

As I do for the word doc, I copy Lorem Ipsum from the first post to make a paragraph 5, 1300 post said. Like the first post, the title is ‘Sparmy sted’.

Take the link to the Google Doc, I make the anchor text’ Sparmeveled ‘ in my post with the same name. The post the second test I finished and because it has the same title with the first post, automatically add a “-2” to the end of the URL.

Last, I will create a page control. The control page will be set exactly the same as before, however, this page will have a Link out to a test document.

With the test page is created and published on the website of the trial, I need to index them with Google and Bing. For the page I am using Google I open a Console Google search.

If You are not familiar with Google Search Console, You should take some time to get to know them.

It’s been my experience that anything related with Google is not too friendly to learn, but there are plenty of online help to walk You through Setting things up if You get stuck.

My site has been added to the console Search so I choose my test site and go to the menu of the trunk of the left side and select crawl.

In the box after the URL, I typed the Page I want to Google’s Fetch as Google’. I added all three test page.

After all the pages have “taken” can I press the button the indexing for every single page. If the URL is not created, make sure You typed the correct URL in the box and try again. Google may need several passes through Your site to find it. If You are still having problems, check that Your robot.txt file is not blocking Googlebot.

There is no difference with Google but, because I was testing, I’m trying to send each page to index quickly.

Now My Pages are on their way to indexing with Google, I need to make Bing know they are there also.

I go to the toolbox Bing and their pages.

I just enter the site URL for the page (as requested), complete the captcha and press the send button. After sending the sites I got the ‘Your request is successfully delivered’ message.

Now it’s time to see if the hard work pays off. I will take the extra step to make sure I do not regurgitate the result.

Because I want to know if Google and Bing select properties and applications of their own, I will find the position of the test in Firefox. I will also be using the private network (virtual) only in the case of factor my IP address to what the search engines want to show.

Next, I will search for the page Using Google and Bing search, get out and get out of their respective Web browsers Chrome and edge.

The first request for indexing is to post the beginning of the Sparmy. Googleindeks Page at 10: 09am. Sparkmy-2 in the index at 10: 10: 32am and argue-3 in indexed at 10:58am.

Although the other pages to be indexed First, the control Page appears first. Here I Use Google to search for Firefox and I’m using a VPN. I didn’t sign in to Google. Not long later, the post with the word doc to arrive but it ranks at the bottom of the page control. 3 hours later and no result at Bing.

After seeing the results in Bing for a few hours I add each page to the Bingbot to catch them.).

Back to Google…

Page control trials have now been in the image and only page with a link to a word doc to survive. This is not over yet!

I signed in to Chrome and Use Google search.

In Chrome, the Google search ranks of the page control over the test page with a link to the Doc said. Where the page test with Google Documents? Where You Sparmy Berged-2?

As it turned out, after a few days of Bing still haven’t checked out the page. A quick email to support explaining that sort of thing. This is what they ma

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