More Than 6 Popular Free Google Products and Services for Your Business

More Than 6 Popular Free Google Products and Services for Your Business – Google has developed free products and services for consumers as well as businesses. They offer these items as incentives to potentially use “paid for” services like traffic and lead generation via paid ads in their Google AdSense program.

Delve into what some of their more popular services like Google maps, Google search, YouTube, Google Analytics, Gmail and Google+ to learn more about what they can do for your business. For instance, note the following points:

  1. Google Maps is a service application and technology that offers satellite imagery, local street maps as well as route planners, links to public transportation, businesses and entertainment. Maps can be used as a tool to find new customers, locate office space, travel in different cities and a myriad of other map-type functions. Use these on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and other devices.
  2. Use Google Search and the Chrome browser. They are free search tools, and Google has invested billions of keeping these on top of the free search line-up.
  3. Google’s YouTube is one of the most viable marketing tools on the Internet. It is a search engine utilized by over 1 billion unique users each month. Reportedly, over 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the number of subscriptions runs into the millions daily.
  4. Google Analytics is free to business owners and individual site owners who want to follow organic search referral traffic, analyze clicks and visits, as well as set up charts and budgets. Analytics make it possible to determine where your marketing strategies are paying off.
  5. Gmail is a free advertising email service that uses secure webmail and other POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. Currently, Gmail is among the most highly used web-based email providers. There are over 500 million users’ worldwide taking advantage of this free Google service. Businesses can also take advantage of Gmail Labs that allows bookmarking of important email messages and using custom keyboard shortcuts.
  6. Google+ is a social networking application. It requires registration and currently over 500 million active users are listed on Google+. Utilizing Google+ as a business tool gives direct ownership of web content plus interoperability with YouTube comments.

There are many other free Google services out there like their Calendar that you can sync with your smartphone Google Calendars for easy planning and date management.

Take advantage of Google Drive, too, and share files and folders across multiple platforms and among multiple users. And keep up with the latest Google News to find not only provides announcements of interest, but even local and company specific info about all types of areas of interest.

Want to learn which of the above free products and services can help your business and how to take advantage of them? Get help from virtual assistants, aka personal assistants. No need to go Google all alone!

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