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The release date and launch time of the PUBG Mobile 1.9 update has changed this week which means fans will download earlier than expected.

Publisher Krafton has provided a new schedule for when gamers can expect PUBG Mobile 1.9 to drop this week.

This means that we have also received the first patch notes for new updates early, including what to expect in terms of major and minor changes.

Here’s everything we know about what’S coming next in PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS.


Krafton has confirmed that the release date of the PUB Mobile 1.9 update has changed to Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

This is earlier than when it was first announced and means gamers will have to start downloading new patches earlier.

According to the new announcement, PUBG Mobile’s update time is scheduled for 11: 00 UTC on March 16.

However, while the PUB Mobile update will begin rolling out on Wednesday, it seems that some content will still arrive later this week, on Friday, March 18.

A message from Krafton further explained, adding: “PUBG MOBILE will start pushing the update on March 16 at 11: 00 (UTC+0). To ensure fast and smooth updates, please be in a good network environment and have enough storage available on your device.

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“The new game Mode is available on March 18, better be quick, you don’t want to be a balloon. Stay tuned for all upcoming events, available soon!”


Below are some of the new models and features that come with PUBG Mobile 1.9, including the launch of the anniversary event, the Aerial Battleground mode:

  • 4th birthday celebration themed Gameplay is here! More gifts and more fun! Enjoy the birthday celebration to the fullest!
  • How to enter: Mode selection – ranking Mode – Erangel themed map/Livik themed map.
  • Colorful Spawn Island: players can use 4 different colored balls on Spawn Island to color 4 giant statues in their favorite colors to trigger a special show in themed mode

Air Battleground

Jump into the vibrant Air battleground and wear colored clothes. When the player is hit by an enemy, the head covering will grow larger and float in the sky.

Players will return to the Battle royale battlefield after they are eliminated. When a player is hit by a teammate, the head covering will shrink and return to the ground of the air battleground.

The lively air battleground is available only in the first 5 minutes of the match.

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