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“Who robbed you!? Obviously you were the one who was attracted to me and tried to use the Star source here to seduce me, and after you were rejected by me, you became angry with shame and wanted to use violence! Fortunately, I am prepared, otherwise, you will definitely succeed, “Yu Ying cried sadly, guarding herself in frustration as if Guan Qi had really done something wrong to her.

Guan Qi looked at Yu Ying with widened eyes as he rebuked in disbelief, ” are you shameless?”

Yu Ying’s pretty face turned extremely gloomy as she attacked, ” you dare to call me shameless !?”

Guan Qi angrily rebuked, ” I found the Star source here first and you want to seize it! Why do you blame others while you yourself are to blame. ”

Suddenly, the two were locked in an endless quarrel, arguing that the source of the star here was first discovered by them and the other party wanted to seize it. They both repeated the same words but there was no evidence for either side, so there was no way to prove that what they said was indeed true.

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Yang Kai indifferently stood to one side, sneering in his heart.

[If my guess is correct, Guan Qi should have found the Star source first and Yu Ying tried to seize it.]

The reason is very simple. Since Guan Qi could come to the sea of shattered stars, it meant that his talent was quite good in the passion seeker sect. He could be considered an elite disciple, and as an elite, he definitely developed the art of seeking the highest passion.

This secret art of passion seeking sect followed the DAO of passion, so even if their elite disciples were a little lustful and each of them had countless wives and concubines, due to the characteristics of the supreme art of passion seeking, they would never force themselves. a woman. When they want to get a woman, they definitely need to seduce and win her over, so that the other party falls in love with them.

Yu Ying stated that Guan Qi lusted after him, which was obviously unreasonable.

If yang Kai hadn’t dealt with the passion seeker sect in the northern region, he wouldn’t have known this particular detail.

But then again, neither of the two are good people. They fight like dogs, bite each other.

The two quarreled for a while before Yu Ying shook yang Kai’s arm and sweetly whispered, “Big Brother Feng, this guy is bullying me. You have to do something on my behalf! ”

From his appearance, he really wanted to rely on yang Kai’s strength to wear a lion skin.

Yang Kai didn’t want to watch it anymore, so he snorted coldly and said directly, “since you have offended Junior Sister Yu, this matter cannot be forgotten.”

Guan Qi gritted his teeth and shouted in a low voice, glaring at Yang Kai, ” what do you want? Buddy, I have no grudges or past grievances with you, so don’t go too far!”

He was neither humble nor arrogant, surprising Yang Kai. After pondering for a while, yang Kai sneered and said, ” Fortunately, Junior Sister Yu didn’t suffer any injuries. Otherwise, this Feng would have already taken your life!”

Guan Qi relaxed after hearing this. From the looks of it, it seemed like Yang Kai wasn’t planning to complicate it. This surprised him because he didn’t know what yang Kai wanted.

In this cursed place, the third order Dao source realm Master had many reasons and abilities to kill him. And most importantly, any conflict at this time will mean a futile death.

“Who said I wasn’t hurt? My heart is very hurt. If you don’t believe me, Senior brother, you check it out yourself, “Yu Ying whispered in a soft voice and as she spoke, she pushed her ‘heart’ in front of yang Kai, as if to say ‘I’m yours’.

A black line appeared on yang Kai’s face as he said ” there’s someone here …”

Yu Ying giggled and said, ” Big Brother Feng, you are really interesting.”

He thought that yang Kai had thin skin and was embarrassed to make excessive contact in front of others.

Yang Kai quickly changed the subject and shouted at Guan Qi, ” let’s do it like this, you have to leave something and I will let you go!”

“What!?”Guan Qi’s face changed as he cried in surprise. If yang Kai’s request wasn’t excessive, he might agree, but if it was too excessive, even if he had to risk his life, he wouldn’t let Yang Kai do what he wanted.

“Leave your space ring as compensation for my junior brother Yu,” yang Kai said coldly.

Yu Ying was a little unhappy because yang Kai said that he would release Guan Qi, but when he heard the next sentence, he immediately raised his eyebrows happily and looked at Yang Kai with gratitude.

Guan Qi pondered for a moment in silence. He seemed to also realize that he was currently a fish on a cutting board that couldn’t resist at all, so he reluctantly removed the space ring and threw it at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai casually picked it up, secretly examining it with Divine sense to make sure that there was nothing interesting in it, before giving it to Yu Ying.

“Can this Guan go now?”Guan Qi anxiously asked.

“Go away!”Yang Kai shouted loudly.

Guan Qi bitterly glanced at Yang Kai and Yu Ying, as if he wanted to burn the image of this shameless couple in the depths of his heart. Only then did he use some sort of secret technique to escape at an extremely fast speed.

“Big Brother Feng, if you make a move now, you can definitely surprise him!”Yu Ying whispered in yang Kai’s ear while silently circulating his source Qi, preparing to make him move at any moment.

[He’s really cruel!] Yang Kai was secretly surprised. Even now, he didn’t plan to release Guan Qi. He wants to take his life. Presumably, if it wasn’t for him not being sure if he would succeed, he would have already acted.

He wanted to use yang Kai’s power to kill Guan Qi.

But much to his disappointment, since the beginning of Guan Qi’s departure, Yang Kai did not intend to make a move. Yu Ying was a little dissatisfied with this and furrowed his brows, secretly thinking that this senior brother surnamed Feng was a bit too kind.

[That Guan Qi has a five-pointed star Seal. If I can kill him and steal his Star Seal, then my Star Seal will be upgraded. I missed this great opportunity in vain!] Yu Ying’s excitement to obtain Guan Qi’s space ring had diminished a lot.

“A sect disciple who seeks passion is not good to provoke, he probably has a few cards up his sleeve. Once he is forced to use the card, we may not be able to retreat without punishment, “Yang Kai explained indifferently.

Actually, he just didn’t want to be taken advantage of by Yu Ying. If he met Guan Qi alone, the result might not be the same.

“I guess, you’re right,” Yu Ying nodded in agreement before continuing with a smile, ” Big Brother Feng is quite meticulous.”

After a pause, he asked, ” Big Brother Feng, about the ring …”

Although yang Kai had just mentioned that the ring was meant as compensation for his loss, it was yang Kai who robbed him, so at this moment, he had to ask for his opinion.

“Junior sister, take that as my gift to you,” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Yu Ying beamed with joy as she put down the ring and said, “Big Brother Feng, you are so good!”

Yang Kai smiled and continued, ” Senior brother only gives gifts at the expense of others, so little brother doesn’t need to care. He then quickly changed the subject, ” that’s right, I haven’t seen Senior brother Yin for several years, why don’t we look for him now?”

Deep down, he couldn’t wait to meet with Yin Le Sheng and ask Xiao Xiao’s whereabouts. If not for this reason, why would he try to please Yu Ying and even more, tolerate her helplessness?

“It’s not that simple to find Senior brother Yin. Although we Netherworld sect disciples developed a certain secret technique before we came to this place that allowed us to sense each other from afar, the sea of shattered stars was vast and we probably wouldn’t see each other until it was shut down. However, Senior brother Feng, rest assured, even if we don’t find Senior brother Ying, when you come to my Netherworld sect in the future, you only need to report the name of this Junior sister, and this Junior sister will definitely welcome you personally.”

Yang Kai felt cold when he heard this. If Yin Le Sheng is not found, what will he do with Yu Ying?

Yu Ying added, ” But it wasn’t in vain. We are still on the outskirts of a sea of shattered stars. Senior brother Yin has to head for the central region so we only need to travel deeper before I can sense his position.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”Yang Kai anxiously proposed.

Yu Ying glanced at him and said, ” Oh, Senior brother Feng, you are really anxious. It is important to find Senior brother Yin, but the Star source here should not be missed either. ”

Yang Kai hit his head and said, “good, I almost forgot about this. Thank you so much for Junior Sister Yu’s reminder.”

Yu Ying pursed her lips smiling, ” Big Brother Feng is so cute.”

Yang Kai stated, ” in that case, you and I will have to find a place to refine the Star source here, and then we will look for Senior brother Yin.”


Next, the two moved separately, each searching for a safe location before they sat cross-legged and began refining the power of the source.

The resources here were not bad, enough for two ordinary source Dao realm cultivators to spend an entire month to absorb it completely.

Fortunately, the sea of shattered Stars remained open for quite some time, allowing cultivators to refine many resources even though it was a time-consuming process. If the duration was too short, the cultivators who entered here would basically not gain any benefits at all.

Yang Kai was eager to find Yin Le Sheng, so he directly used his star refining art and in an instant, the remaining resources around this asteroid charged towards him, turning into a speck of starlight that passed through his skin and merged with his body. .

After two days, the power of the asteroid source was completely refined.

This was the result of yang Kai’s restraint. If he went all-out, maybe he wouldn’t need half a day to absorb the source power here.

Ninety-nine percent of the Star Resources here were refined by Yang Kai, so Yu Ying ended up with a miserable amount.

Two days later, the two reunited and Yu Ying looked at Yang Kai with a strange expression and asked, “Big Brother Feng, why did the resources here disappear so quickly?”

“I don’t know either,” Yang Kai pretended not to know. Yu Ying didn’t see it as he circulated the Star Refining Art so there was no way for him to know anything.

Yu Ying stated, ” I can feel it, all the resources are gathering towards Senior brother Feng’s location. At this point, he seemed to come to his senses and his face changed as he asked in a trembling voice,” Big Brother Feng, you won’t become a Star Lord?”

Yang Kai was stunned; however, he agreed with a nod, “En, I am also a Star Master of the Grand Desolation star Field.”

Yu Ying couldn’t help but cover her cherry-red lips with her soft hands as she looked at Yang Kai happily, as if she had seen an incredible treasure, whispering in a low voice, “Big Brother Feng, are you really a star? Master?”

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