Full Video Viral Indian Matchmaking & Indian Matchmaking Nadia

Full Video Viral Indian Matchmaking & Indian Matchmaking Nadia

spektekno.comFull Video Viral Indian Matchmaking & Indian Matchmaking Nadia. If you are reading this then you are no stranger to the world of Netflix Indian matchmaking and like many others around the world, you’ve been waiting for Sima Taparia’s new adventure.

And this time too, ‘Sima Bibi ‘ did not disappoint. It would be reductive to call this show a ‘guilty pleasure’ as it casually glorifies a toxic practice that Indians have been conditioned to follow for decades, even centuries.

And judging by the first two episodes, Sima Taparia and his clients are still on the same track where people listing what they want from a potential partner are seen as ‘demanding’ and trivial details like a person’s height and age are deal breakers.

Indian Matchmaking & Indian Matchmaking Nadia

There are some old faces from the first season, as well as some new entries, who definitely think that ‘Sima Bibi’ would be the right matchmaker for them even though none of her matches from the first season really worked.

One of these new faces is a man named Akshay who idolizes Elon Musk and calls himself “the Most Eligible Bachelor in the world”.

Of course, we know that these shows are heavily edited and are not true representations of one’s personality, but judging by what Netflix has chosen to show us regarding Akshay.

He is a man who calls women ‘girls’ and thinks that the only reason he is single is because he lives in Nasik. So far, the show’s editors haven’t really helped his case, but it’s too early to tell if Akshay has any redeeming qualities.

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The show also brought back two of the most beloved contestants from the previous season – Nadia and Aparna. Nadia’s destruction in the first season after she became a ghost was an emotional experience, even for reality show haters.

So seeing him soar this time just makes you smile. There is a new boy in her life but ‘Sima Bibi’ does not agree because she is seven years younger than her.

For’ Sima Bibi’, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are also not suitable because she looks “older”. I mean, can someone tell him that there is more to a relationship than just being in the same age group?

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